Keeping our aircraft owners' airplane safe, clean & airworthy. Pre-purchase evaluation, scheduled maintenance and technical field service support during unscheduled breakdowns


Our team of qualified field service technicians are constantly on standby to be deployed for any field service needs for our aircraft owners flying all over Asia. Factory trained and focused on the airframes and engine models that we represent as well as staying current and up-to-date on latest technologies, like new generation jet-fuel driven diesel and light jet power-plants. This allows our team to focus on dedicated support for the niche group of private aircraft owners' and operators' needs in Southeast Asia.


Conducting engine diagnostics for cutting edge technology jet-fuel driven diesel engines.

Aircraft being prepared for assembly after importing from USA via sea freight.

Installing engine back on a members' aircraft

Installing engine back on a members' aircraft

With aircraft on jacks, WOA engineer troubleshoots the world's most technological advanced light jet for rectifications and defect parts replacement for our aircraft owner.